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The Novice Path | Magical Readathon TBR

For years on BookTube, I'd hear about the Magical Readathon, hosted by G (aka Book Roast), but was never able to take part. That is, until last April. I loved every minute of that readathon and read more than I'd ever done in a month before. So naturally, I'm joining it again. Though this time, everything's even more exciting.

This year, G has outdone herself and created a whole new world for us to join, complete with backstory, maps, and everything we could ever want from a fantasy setting. I won't go into detail because it's incredibly intricate so, if you want to know more about the world and how the readathon works, go check out G's video, it'll explain things way better than I ever could.

I really struggled when choosing my TBR for the readathon because I had so many books that fit multiple prompts, so there's a strong chance my wrap up will look nothing like this 😂 . For a brief explanation, there are two different sets of prompts for this readathon. Seven prompts for the Novice Path, the journey happening in September, and three different prompts pertaining to the character creation, which can be fulfilled until April 2022. Because I also have a different project going on this month, I'm only focusing on the Novice Path trail and will create my character in the following months.

So let's get on with my to be read. As I said, I had books that work interchangeably between prompts, but this is what I'm aiming towards.

1) The Novice Path Entrance: read a book with a map

This was the broadest one to choose from, which obviously meant it was the hardest. For this, I decided to finally finish Wicked, by Gregory Macguire. I started listening to the audiobook late last year and simply stopped halfway through to focus on other things, so I'm hoping to finally finish it. I'm also trying to balance things out by having some audiobooks to choose from.

2) Ashtorn Tree: a book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR).

There's only one answer for this one and, if you've followed me for any amount of time, you know it's The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. I've started this book twice but always have to stop to read something else, even though I was really loving it. I still don't know whether or not I'm starting it from the beginning, but I know that if I only try to read one book this month, it'll be this.

3) The Mist of Solitude: read a standalone.

I'm trying to make things easy for myself seeing as I'll only be able to really focus on the readathon in the second half of the month. So for this, I'm going with Sex and Vanity, by Kevin Kwan, a book that I was going to read in September anyway.

4) Ruin of the Skye: read a book featuring ghosts/haunted houses, or other supernatural elements.

This was also a prompt I struggled with, purely because I only have two books with ghosts in them and I wanted to save them both for October. But I decided to go with the shortest option, which is Bridge of Souls, by Victoria Schwab, the third and final book in the Cassidy Blake series. And even though I'm already in a super spooky mood, I might save it for the very end of the month to fully welcome the spooky season.

5) Obsidian Falls: read a thriller or a mystery book.

I'm going with a classic for this one, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I listened to the Sherlock Holmes audiobooks all throughout last year but, for some reason, this last collection was nowhere to be found in audio format, which is why I still haven't gotten to it. Thankfully, I finally found it and I'm definitely reading it this month, although I'll be sad to finish the Sherlock stories.

6) Tower of Rumination: read a five-star prediction.

I also had a good amount of books that'd fit this category, all of which I wanted to save for October (can you see a theme?). But I decided to go with Witches Steeped in Gold, by Ciannon Smart. I preordered this way back in February and it seems to combine everything I most love in books. Rivals forced to work together, treason, and witches. I've only heard great things about this, so I'm expecting to really enjoy it.

7) Orilium Academy Arc: book with a school setting.

And lastly, but by no means least, I have Felix Ever After, by Kacen Callender. I wanted to balance out all the fantasy with a contemporary, and I could also get the audiobook for this one if I see I'm running out of time. This is another one I'm expecting to love and have only heard brilliant things about.

Those are all the books I'm planning to read for the Orilium Magical Readathon. To "pass" you only need to fulfil two prompts, but I'm an overachiever so I'm aiming to read them all 😂 . Let's see if I succeed! If you want more frequent updates, I'll share how I'm doing over on my Instagram, otherwise, just tune in for my wrap up at the end of the month!




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